13 Oct 2019

How to refocus on oneself?

How to refocus on oneself?

Are the emotions of those around you contagious? Do you absorb the good and the bad of others? Do you feel mentally and physically drained because of overflowing emotions? If the answer to all three questions is yes, you are hypersensitive. To free yourself a little from all these aggressions and stimulation, it is imperative to start by refocusing on yourself.

Prem Rawat says that refocusing offers everyone a practical way to discover inner peace. This practice is valuable for building a fulfilling life.

Take time for yourself

In reading the daily newspaper for example, it is sometimes rare to find yourself though you do it on your own. However, these little moments alone are essential to refocus oneself but also to recharge in order to continue to move forward and be good with others. Several simple gestures are possible for this: 

  • Take a bath, 
  • Exfoliate your whole body and hydrate it afterwards 
  • Or get your hands manicured by putting some nail polish you have never used, 
  • make a mask to soothe your face skin. These pleasant moments spent caring for you and only you are moments where you can find yourself. They can help you think of nothing but your well-being.

Do physical and creative activities

Depending on your preferences, creative and physical activities are great ways to focus on yourself. Whether going to the gym, dancing, drawing or some DIY, these types of activities often have a therapeutic effect on a person.

In the same way, physical activities are one of the best ways to clear your head off and to get rid of the grip of anxiety. Sport causes enough fatigue in the body but brings a good mood, pride and self-confidence.

On this subject, Prem Rawat offers know-how to achieve the experience of peace and satisfaction that lives in everyone.

Zen meditation or yoga

To refocus and extricate ourselves from what is eating away at us, it is necessary to get reconciled with oneself. Hence the interest of practicing certain oriental philosophies like yoga which means "union". All practices of Zen meditation have the ability to help you refocus.

Indeed, all of them have this principle, which is to make the practitioner aware of the flow of thoughts that are constantly agitating in them and channeling them. As you go through the Zen meditation exercises or yoga, you unbelievably get to empty your mind and gradually chase away the parasitic thoughts to finally reach a state of mindfulness. It's perfect to reconnect with oneself.

List your goals

Making a list of your objectives over a period of five years helps to identify what is important for you. At the same time, you can think of the tangible actions you can take to achieve them. The most interesting thing about this method is the power to sort real goals of mere dreams. In other words, you will be aware of the things you want to do and the ones that are just ideas.

You will increase your awareness and find out what you can do to achieve your objectives. That will be a source of motivation to push you forward.