Is it possible to find inner peace?

Photo Is it possible to find inner peace?

Inner peace is a facet of a perfect way of life, but above all a belief in happiness. The eternal oppressive sensation and uneasiness are the inescapable signs of the inexistence of inner peace. This often causes an inexplicable fear that prevents you from moving forward. Doubts are sometimes born and people wonder if they can find inner peace?

What is inner peace?

There is no exact definition and everyone will have a say in determining what it is. However, peace could be considered as the soul of life; a state that affects the way people act and live. Otherwise, there are instabilities that prevent it from blossoming serenely in a person. Inner peace is the balance that allows everyone to live without anything bothering their mind.

Several ambassadors and advocates for world peace like Prem Rawat have committed themselves to making the promotion of that inner peace their mission; inner peace that begins with everyone. He states that "It is not the world that needs peace". In this respect, it is clear that the growing stress that overwhelms a large number of people today may be a factor that will undermine peace.

How do we lose inner peace?

People can unconsciously live at peace and take it for granted until it comes to an end through conflicts that can end up in wars of which, the current context or even the vagaries of life are the main causes. It is emphasized by the hyperactive pace of life, the almost complete full-time diaries and more. These factors disturb the mind and block its proper functioning. Here are some of the reasons: 

  • An event of the past: the consequences are often emotional; hence the repeated confusion in feelings or the nostalgic submersion which causes pessimism;
  • Lack of confidence: it can be the consequence of one's background and obstruct the desire to succeed; 
  • Doubts: they result from endless questioning that cause lack of confidence.

And these sequels then form a vicious circle, causing little inner peace to disappear.

How to find inner peace?

To find inner peace requires stability of heart and mind; such is the conviction of Prem Rawat, famous ambassador of peace. The search for this inner peace is a journey and a work on oneself. It begins with every individual's initiative to do so. For it to be achieved, we must accept ourselves; there might be some parts of our past that we cannot erase and therefore we have to live with. Managing to do so will help us move forward with serenity.

Hence the need to face reality, let go and get used to it, whatever it may be. It would also be useful to determine the source of the blockage. The harmony between what we think and feel makes us feel more confident. This helps to get rid of any feeling of discomfort. Positive thoughts, the joy of living are philosophies of life to adopt that meet these criteria. This peace is a need for man to excel in what he does and it is accessible to all.